Here is some of my published poetry. I hope you enjoy it.

Riggwelter Press
The cows (read online!)

The Cluny
Salamanca, Peaches
Blood orange (read online!)
Green grapes (read online!)

Sincerely Magazine
Orbits, Gold
Some, Two mojitos, Summertime, Gender, On musicians and otters
Dreaming rainbows, China, Hunting, Garlic
The flamebird, Salt, The outside of beautiful

Peeking Cat Poetry Anthology 2017
Things that are inexplicably similar

Planet Slop
Serpentine (read online!)

Introduction X: The Poetry Business Book of New Poets
Old rain, Eden, Going

The Compass
Bartók's Dance Suite and sour, Green flash

What She Knew (anthology)

Deep in a nebula

Atrium Poetry
The shady part (read online!)

Cake Magazine
Perpignan sestina

Minute Magazine
December, Manchester (read online!)

Meiga (read online! pg 40)

Sea Foam Mag
The stars (read online!)
Flowers (read online!)

Troubadour (anthology)
Unnaturally blue

The Kindling
Waiting (read online!)

Now Then
Ink sea
Snowlands, Last light
The strawberry dream
(all available to read online)

In The Red

The Ham
How I could learn to dance

Peeking Cat Poetry

The Fractured Nuance

Eunoia Review
Milestones (read online!)

Her (read online!)

Indie Soleil Magazine
New skies
Lunar reflection

The Poetry Shed
Sheepgoat (read online!)

The Mancunion
Salford Crescent
(both available to read online)

Picaroon Poetry
In Cambridge (read online!)

Siblíní Journal
Ink dragons (read online!)

Visual Verse
Ether (read online!)

Germ Magazine
My hair 
Child Eight
(all available to read online)

Amaryllis Poetry
As the darkness fell (read online!)

Foxglove Journal
Map logic (read online!)

Timothy Corsellis Prize 2016 - 2nd prize winner
Barthelasse (read online!)

Alliterati Magazine
The solar eclipse of March 2015 through the eyes of an English Assistant
An apple abroad
(all available to read online)

Jotters United
Breaking point, Capers, Inklings, Sugar, Saffron and star anise (read online!)

Under the Fable
I'm skared
God to an orange

The Fat Damsel
Requiem, Wild strawberries (read online!)

Thorn Durham
Birthdeath (read online!)

Effervescent Magazine
Valentine's Day (read online!)

Rising Phoenix Review
Unnaturally blue (read online!)

Far Off Places
The dream

Firefly Magazine
Celestial bodies (read online! pgs 16-19)

Trailing Jasmine (read online!)

Ink, Sweat & Tears
The rain watcher
(both available to read online)

Octavius Magazine
Nothingness, The colour of money

Myths of the Near Future
The sea (read online!)

London Journal of Fiction
Dragons (read online!)

The eagle and the crow, Badger, Before the storm (read online!)

The Cadaverine
Egg without a shell (read online!)

Miracle Magazine
The flowers
Funny how...

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